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2024 Scappoose Boosters Spring Chinook Derby Rules

Scappoose Boosters’ 2024 Spring Chinook Derby Official Rules 1. Dates, Times, and Fees

A. The Scappoose Boosters’ Spring Chinook Derby fishing tournament commences Saturday, May 4th, 2024, from Daylight – at 4:00 pm (must arrive at weigh-in by 3:59 pm).

B. Official weigh-in station is located at:

Columbia County Fairgrounds; 58892 Sausler RD, St. Helens, OR 97051

C. Official weigh-in hours will be open from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Saturday, May 4th, 2024.  Positively no fish will be accepted beyond this time.

D. Tournament competition tickets are $65.00 each, $35.00 each for youth tickets, ages 16 & under.  Tickets must be purchased through staff or online options by 11:59 pm on Saturday, April 27th, 2024. 

2. Fishing Area

The Columbia River and its tributaries as established by the Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife (O.D.F.W) and/or Washington Dept Of Fish and Wildlife ( WDFW ) depending on your Port of Call

3. Conditions of Participation

A. Each tournament participant must have purchased a derby ticket prior to angling in the tournament.  Tickets must be purchased through staff or online by 11:59 pm on Saturday, April 27th, 2024. There will be no ticket sales on the day of the derby!   All fish must be caught during the day and time of the derby.

B. Hatchery Spring Chinook Salmon entries must be caught according to O.D.F.W and /or WDFW  regulations dependent on your port of call.

C. Contestants must hook and play every Hatchery Spring Chinook Salmon on rod and reel and according to ODFW and or WDFW rules, unaided except for netting. Hatchery Spring Chinook Salmon entered in the fishing tournament must be tagged and entered by the individual responsible for hook and play of caught fish.

D. Hatchery Spring Chinook Salmon tournament competition will be determined by weight.

E.  Tournament tickets must be presented to judges before fish will be weighed.

F. Tournament entrants are eligible for both Hatchery Spring Chinook competition.

G Contestants are prohibited from fishing from a boat with commercial gear in use or engaged in commercial fishing. A tournament contestant may not enter a fish that has been caught in commercial gear.

H. All photographs and films taken throughout the tournament, by tournament officials, and at the time of weigh-ins become the sole property of the Scappoose Boosters and may be used in future promotional events.

I. All fish entries will be weighed and cleaned by tournament officials.  Fish entries are subject to cleaning and/or filleting.

J. The Scappoose Boosters and others participating in the sponsorship of this derby accept no responsibility for damages or injuries sustained by contestants. As a condition of and in consideration of the acceptance of their entries therein, all contestants and their parents or guardians shall be deemed to agree and assume all risks of injury to the competitor’s property and person resulting from, caused by, or connected with the conduct and management of the competition, and to release any and all claims which they may have against officials, the Scappoose Boosters, and organizations that take part in the sponsorship of this derby. Participation is accepted only on these conditions.

K. The decisions of the Derby Committee and their officials are final in any contested matter.  The Derby Committee and its officials reserve the right to refuse service, entrance, or disqualify persons from tournament competition.

L. The Derby Committee members will be ineligible to participate in the promotion and shall be ineligible for any prize covered herein.

M. Please note: If there is a complete closure of the Columbia River or its tributaries by ODFW as updated daily, the derby committee reserves the right to change the rules of tournament competition, which will be posted electronically at  In lieu of such unanticipated events.  It is the responsibility of the contestant to make themselves aware of such rule changes as posted on the above website.

4. Team Competition Participation

A. Team Competition Entry is $500.

B. Teams will consist of four individuals, and all team members must fish from the same boat.

C. The combined weights of up to the four largest fish will account for the Team Competition score. All four Team Anglers must be present during the weigh-in.

Example – if a team of 4 anglers catches only 3 hatchery Chinook all three fish will count towards the team total, or if a team of 4 anglers catches 5 hatchery fish only the four heaviest fish will be counted towards the team total, not all 5 will count toward team total weight.

D. Guides are permitted in Team Competition, acting as a contestant or a guide.

E. Team Competition entrants are also eligible for individual competition in Tournament Competition.

F. Team Competition grand prize may not be awarded to Teams or entrants for two consecutive years.  Upon Team Competition grand prize awarding, Teams and entrants will forfeit the right to win the grand prize in the following year.

G. All other Scappoose Boosters’ Spring Chinook Derby fishing tournament rules apply.

5. General

A. Official rules and regulations of the Scappoose Boosters’ Spring Chinook Derby will be found at

B. Any and all angling must comply with current ODFW and /or WDFW regulations – No Exceptions! Changes to rules may occur, and it is the responsibility of the contestant to make themselves aware of any changes.

C. By purchasing either an individual ticket or a team ticket and entering this derby you agree to all the above rules and conditions

*The tournament officials will not enter fish if the rules are not strictly followed. Official personnel at check-in or weigh-in station may not make exceptions to the rules. The tournament officials reserve the right to refuse service, refuse entrance, or disqualify persons from the tournament competition.



Updated Feb 16th 2024.


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